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Here's what others are saying about Keep Growing Workshops and Coaching...

"Within the first 20 minutes of Keep Growing's personal growth planning workshop I was already thinking about how I could get my entire leadership team into a future workshop. Get this on your calendar and make sure your entire team is there." Ron Williams, Senior Pastor, Pathway Community Church

"Keep Growing's coaching process really helped me uncover and apply my giftedness. I have greatly benefited from this coaching experience and recommend their services to anyone who wants to grow as a leader." Scott King, Network Consulting Engineer

"Keep Growing's personal growth planning workshop was practical and informative; bringing my entire staff was an added bonus. I highly recommend this training for you and your team." Layne Lebo, Senior Pastor, Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church

"I have read everything about personal development I can find for years and believe Keep Growing's material is as good as it gets. If you are serious about reaching your God-inspired dreams, read this book and get into a coaching relationship." John C. Spuhler, Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing, OnSite Technologies Partners

"Keep Growing's personal growth material was just the spark many of our men needed from our retreat. The carry over momentum allowed us to apply what we learned and challenge each other to continue growing in our small groups." Mark Taft, Associate Pastor, Wheat Field Fellowship

"I have benefited so much from Keep Growing's personal growth planning process I am not only using it but doing everything I can to expose the people around me to this life-changing material." Tim Hibschman, Graduate Student, Asbury Theological Seminary

"As a business owner I have come to believe the best way to build my company is to keep growing myself. I am using Keep Growing's model for personal growth and plan to for the rest of my life." Peter Songster, Equity Investment Properties, LLC

"I am using the model for personal growth presented at the Keep Growing workshop and have already begun making plans to take my entire leadership team through this training." Todd Glendenning, Senior Pastor, Orchard Park Wesleyan Church

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