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High level business and non-profit leaders work with a coach to cultivate the final percentage of their giftedness and develop a winning edge. From Tiger Woods to Venus Williams, the greatest athletes in the world benefit by choice from the input of a coach. You can too.

Process-Coaching: The KGI Model

We have developed a process-coaching model that begins with a client attending a workshop or purchasing a resource before engaging in a coaching relationship. Our workshops and resources serve as both filters and foundations for each of Keep Growing's coaching processes.

By interacting with our material you will understand the developmental model for each coaching process and be better positioned to evaluate how likely you are to benefit from the coaching experience. You will also begin your coaching relationship with a head start, sharing a foundational knowledge base with your coach.

Process-Coaching brings together instruction (through a workshop or resource), application (the pursuit of a defined learning objective) and interaction (coaching feedback).

Process-Coaching enables Keep Growing to:

  • engage with pre-qualified clients who have determined they both want and need the specific outcomes associated with a given coaching process
  • engage with prepared clients who have interacted with specific content and a specific model that serves as a foundation for the coaching conversation
  • utilize a proven coaching framework that facilitates predictable and consistent outcomes that are customized to individual client needs
  • operate within a predetermined time frame that minimizes codependency and maximizes efficiency while maintaining flexibility for the client

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