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The Finishing Well Risk Factor Assessment will give you powerful insight into your highest vulnerability areas and arm you with practical information on what you can change now to help you beat the odds.

Your self-assessment will be contrasted with a composite of up to four outside assessment contacts to generate a customized report that will inform your own finishing well personal development plan.

For no additional charge, you will be able to retake the assessment 2 more times over 3 years to monitor your progress.

Regardless of what you accomplish over a lifetime, for the people you value the most, your legacy will be defined primarily by who you are-not what you do. If you don't finish well, you will tarnish your accomplishments and pull the rug out from under your own success.

There are probably as many finishing well risk factors as there are people, but research has documented seven common barriers: the misuse of finances, abuse of power, pride, sexual misconduct, failure to keep growing, family problems and emotional wounding. Rarely do these issues stand alone; the boundaries between them are porous and in real life they often express themselves in complicated overlays.

About this Tool
In this online assessment tool your response to thirty-five carefully crafted statements will give you a powerful perspective on your highest areas of vulnerability as it relates to finishing well. But our focus is on action more than information. Your report will culminate with customized best practices for proactive growth and accountability designed to increase the likelihood you will finish well.

You may access the results of your Finishing Well Risk Factor Assessment by purchasing a Basic Report Package ($79) OR the Comprehensive Report Package ($99). Once you have purchased access to the Finishing Well Risk Factor Assessment Tool you will be able to use your Log In ID and Password to manage your account and retake the assessment two additional times over the next three years, for no additional charge.

Self-Awareness & Self-Assessment
Every form of personal assessment is held hostage by the level of self-awareness associated with the individual engaged in the process. In an effort to help you expose possible blind spots, this assessment tool will give you the opportunity to invite four trusted "relational insiders" to give you feedback. Their answers to individual questions will remain anonymous (unless they specifically designate otherwise) but their scores will be contrasted with yours in one section of the report to show how you see yourself varies from the composite view of others who care about how you finish.

There is no time limit for this assessment, but thoughtful engagement with these questions usually takes between twenty to forty minutes. You will not be able to save your answers and return later, so we suggest you wait until you have a quiet and uninterrupted window before you proceed.

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